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Different Behavioural Qualities Of Wedding Photographers And Ways To Deal Them

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The compatibility you and your spouse share with the wedding photographer is visible in the photographs. Use these tips to identify the type of photographer and take proper steps to deal with them.

The Glutton

This type of wedding photographer in Glasgow will give you an expert advice on the flavor of wedding cupcakes, and other food items. He will pretend to be indulged in photography, but actually he is more interested in eating food.

One place where you would find him often is near the food counter, filling his mouth. If your photographer is of this type then all can do is never to leave him with the cakes and other delicacies.

The Emotional

This type of photographer is very inclined towards story-telling. They love taking photos with an emotional touch such as flower, old photographs that uncover a loving childhood, heirlooms, etc. They like capturing an emotionally-charged instant. Not just the parents cry at the wedding, you can even find these photographers to cry during emotional moments.

You can expect some tears flowing down their eyes at the time speech is delivered. It is better not to assign the task of organizing family shots all by themselves. It is because he can get busy in telling an epic story and take a lot of time in arranging everyone for that perfect pose.

The chatterbox

He will blabble a lot and enjoys getting himself surrounded by people. He likes social setting and can go on talking about a wide range of subjects endlessly. You can be amazed by his loud laughter and comments as it can overpower all other things. Having got such photographer, you need to keep reminding them to stop waffling and focus on a task for which he has been hired.


These tips will ease the task of handling different types of wedding photographers.

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